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Triton International College

Location: Subidhanagar, Tinkune

Phone No: 123456790

Courses: BCA, BBA, BIM, BBS, BIT

Triton International College

Location: Subidhanagar, Tinkune

Phone No: 123456790

Courses: BCA, BBA, BIM, BBS, BIT

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C Programming

Examination 2018

Group B

Attempt any SIX questions. [6x5 = 30]

11. What is software process model? Differentiate between cohesion and coupling in programming. [1+4]

12. Define keyword and identifiers. Explain rules for defining valid identifiers. [2+3]

13. List the operators used in C on the basis of utility. Explain the concept of bitwise operator. [2+3]

14. Differentiate between while loop and do while loop. Write a C program to find input number is prime or composite. [2+3]

15. What is DMA? Write a program to find the largest and smallest number in a list of N number using DMA. 1+4]

16. What is difference between binary file and text file? Write a C program to write some text "Welcome to BCA program" in a file test.text. [2+3]

17. Explain any four graphics functions in C. Write a program to draw two concentric circles with center (50, 50) and radii 75 and 125. [2+3]

Group C

Attempt any two questions [2x10=20]

18. What is one dimensional array? How it is initialized? Write a C program to find the sum of two matrix of order m×n. [1+1+8]

19. Define structure and union? Write a C program using structure that reads the records of 35 students with members roll, name, address and makes and display the record of students who have obtained greater than 250 marks. [2+8]

20. What is function? List its advantages. Explain the concept of function call by value and function call by reference with example. [1+2+7]

Examination 2019

Group B

Attempt any Six question

2. What is computer programming? Differentiate between top down and bottom up approach of programming.

3. What is the purpose of size of operator? Write a C program to swap the value of two integers without using third variable.

4. Write a program in C to find all possible roots of quadratic equation ax2 + bx + c = 0.

5. Why an array is required in programming? Write a C program to input age of 30 employees into array and find out second largest age from array.

6. What is recursive function? Write C program to generate the Fibonacci series up to 13" term using recursive function

7. What is the advantage of pointer? Write a C program to store 10 integers into memory and find out minimum and maximum using dynamic memory allocation (DMA)

8. What is the use of initgraph() in C program? Write a program to draw line and circle and rectangle using graphic function.

Group C

Attempt any Two question

9. What is structure? Write a C program to enter id, name and address of 25 employees into structure variable called employee and sort them in ascending order on the basis of their name with use of pointer.

10. Is break keyword mandatory in switch statement? Write a program to calculate the basic arithmetic operations (+,-,*,/) using switch case statement.

11. What do you mean by Software Development Life Cycle? Explain waterfall model with its advantage and disadvantage.

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