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Location: Subidhanagar, Tinkune

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Courses: BCA, BBA, BIM, BBS, BIT

Triton International College

Location: Subidhanagar, Tinkune

Phone No: 123456790

Courses: BCA, BBA, BIM, BBS, BIT

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Computer Fundamental application

Examination 2018

Group B

Attempt any SIX questions. [6x5 = 30]

2. Define Computer. Explain the anatomy of digital computer with block diagram.

3. Define Operating System. Explain the functions of Operating System.

4. Define DBMS. Explain the different database models with their merits and demerits.

5. Explain the different types of LAN topologies with their advantages and disadvantages.

6. What is WWW? Differentiate between intranet, extranet and internet with example.

7.What are contemporary technologies? Explain any two contemporary technologies with roles.

8. Write the DOS commands to complete following tasks.

  1. Create sub directory theory and practical inside d:\exam\
  2. Create the file name marks.txt inside theory writing the content, "Theory marks in CFA".
  3. Rename the file name marks.txt with CFAmarks.txt.
  4. Make hidden the file CFAmarks.txt.
  5. Search the all files with .pdf extension.

Group C

Attempt any TWO questions. [2x10 = 20]

9. i) You are provided following data:

Bageswori Secondary School


Mark - Ledger

11 Name Eng. Nep. Eco. Sociology. Computer Total Percentage Result Division
12 Gautam 56 56 76 75 68
13 Saru 67 54 64 64 76
14 Binod 87 65 54 59 66
15 Ritu 45 67 56 72 85
16 Rabindra 89 34 63 59 52

Write the formula in spread sheet package to calculate following on basis on given conditions:

1. Calculate Total marks. [1]
2. Calculate Percentage. [1]
3. Mark the student with either "PASS" or "FAIL" [Pass Marks 35]. [1.5]
4. Calculate the division [if percentage >=60 then First, if percentage >=45 and percentage < 60 then Second, if percentage >=35 and percentage < 45 then Third otherwise "xxx"] [1.5]

10. i) Define computer peripherals. Differentiate between impact and non-impact printers. [1+4]
ii) Define Presentation. Write the features of good presentation package. [5]

11.Define CMYK color model. Explain the basic tools and transforms available in Photoshop. [10]

Examination 2019

Group B

Attempt any Six question

2. What is Operating system? Explain the major functions of Operating System.

3. Differentiate between primary and secondary memory.

4. What is computer virus? Explain symptoms of computer virus.

5. Define database? Explain the advantages of database over tile based system.

6. What is proxy server? Write down the benefit of using proxy server in the organization.

7. Define e-commerce? Mention the benefits of using it in the context of customer?

8. Consider the following structure and answer the questions.

      E:\ ROOT
      |   |    file_1.txt
      |   |    file_2.txt
      |   |____dir_3

a) Write down DOS command to create above files and directories. [2] b) Write down DOS command to move all text file into dir_3 directory. [1] c) Write DOS command to delete dir_1 directory. d) Hide the root directory from E drive.

Group C

Attempt any Two question

9. a) From the following spreadsheet, write the formula to address the following conditions:

ABC Company

1 SN Name Addr Post Salary Bonus Tax HA Total
2 1 Ram Ktm Manager 12000
3 2 Sham Pokhara Accountant 11500
4 3 Hari Pokhara Engineer 10000
Maximum Salary 10000

1. Bonus will give 15% of salary. If his/her salary is less than equal to 6000
2. Tax will pay 10% of salary if his/her post is manager
3. HA will get 5% of salary, if he/she is not from ktm
4. Total is equal to the sum of (salary, bonus and HA) by deducting the Tax
5. Write a formula to find the maximum salary above the excel sheet.

b) What is Photoshop? Explain five major tools of Photoshop.

10. a) What is word processor? Explain the major function avaliable in the home tab of word document.

b) Define Network Topology? Write down the advantage of Network

11. a) What is animation? What are the advantages of using slide master in Powerpoint?

b) Explain block diagram of computer and its various components.

Examination 2020

Group B

2. Who is database administrator? Explain the major roles and responsibilities of DBA. [1 + 4]

3. Define operating system? Explain the open-source operating system.[1 + 4]

4. What is ergonomic keyboard? Explain working mechanism of keyboard.[1+4]

5. Explain different types of computer on the basis of size and power.[5]

6. What is DBMS? Explain Relational database model with suitable diagram.[5]

7. Prepare a specification of personal computer which you want to purchase.[1+4]

8. Explain any five DOS command with suitable example.[5]

Group B

9. Prepare following spreadsheet:

ABC Campus


1 SN Name CFA Logic Math So Tech English Total Per Result Grade Rank Remark
2 1 Ram 45 56 54 44 45 ? ? ? ? ? ?
3 2 Sham 50 45 53 45 45 ? ? ? ? ? ?
4 3 Hari 46 44 45 46 45 ? ? ? ? ? ?
  1. Write appropriate formula to find the total marks of each students.[1]
  2. Write formula to find out the percentage of each student.[1]
  3. Result is passed if student score at least 40% marks in each subject.[2]
  4. Write a formula to calculate grade of student based on percentage. (A for >=90, B for >=80, C for >=70, D for>=60, E for>=40)[3]
  5. Write a formula to find rank of individual student who has passed result.[1]
  6. Write a remarks base on following conditions:[2] ("Excellent" for A grade,"Good" for B, "Fair" for C, "Moderate" for D and "Satisfactory" for E)

10. a) What is mail merge? Explain the major functions available in the Review tab of word document.[1 + 4]

10. b)What is Photoshop? Write the steps to create MRP sized photograph in JPEG format.[1+4]

11. Define Computer Network? Explain OSI model in detail.[2 + 8]

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