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Location: Subidhanagar, Tinkune

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Courses: BCA, BBA, BIM, BBS, BIT

Triton International College

Location: Subidhanagar, Tinkune

Phone No: 123456790

Courses: BCA, BBA, BIM, BBS, BIT

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English - 1

Examination 2018

Group B

Attempt any SIX questions. [6x5 = 30]

11. What are the negative aspects of replacing humans with computers?

12. Write a paragraph explaining how information is processed by information system.

13. How are the multi-user databases managed by a piece of software?

14. Make a list of jobs suitable for robots, and those to be done only by humans.

15.What do you mean by virtual reality? How is it going to affect young people's attitude to violence?

16. Discuss some of the applications of AI programs.

17. What are the actual or potential applications of multi-media in industry?

Group C

Attempt any TWO questions. [2x10 = 20]

18. Write a letter of application for a job advertised in a national daily newspaper. Also, write your resume as a supporting document for the application. Follow the criteria of letter writing process.
Your department needs a new piece of equipment to perform work. Write a memo requesting for this equipment with a justification for its need. Follow the criteria of Memo-writing.

19. Suppose you represent the National Council for Educational Technology, and your boss has asked you to make comprehensive notes about the work of the Council. Explain in detail the works of the council. You may write your answer in the form of a presentation to be delivered to a group of teachers.

20. Write a summary of the text "Computer Network".
Mary Evans, Gerry Hasper, Matt Andrews and Bob Bolton are well known software developers. Do they think software purchases are getting what they need? What are their views about giving a better product to purchases?

Examination 2019

Group B

Attempt any Six question

2. What are the major functions of the decision support system? Explain.

2. How has the micro-chip technology changed the world forever? Ilustrate.

4. Give the meaning of "network of networks" and then explain the main use of ALGOL.

5. Give some specific names of clipboard computers now available in the market and then explain the two different jobs of 'infector' and 'detonator'.

6. Why did the developers of the PAL system invent interlaced video? What are its advantages and disadvantages? Explain.

7. "Computers are about to take people to places they have never been able to visit before." Explain the statement basing on the essay 'Fancy a fantasy Spacecraft?'.

8. Discuss some of tasks/jobs suited to robots only, and show the impact of robotics revolution felt in modern society.

Group C

Attempt any Two question

9. Perhaps you manage a computing specializing in multi-media hardware and software. : Prepare a leaflet to inform companies of the potential benefits of using multimedia.


Write a letter of inquiry to a college or university requesting information about a degree program. Be specific in your request, and follow the criteria for writing letters of inquiry.

10. You work in the purchasing department of an industry where a major project is being introduced at work. Employees working under your supervision need suggestion from you. Write a memo providing your response in regard to their individuai responsibilities.


Write a complete CV of your own to be sent with the covering letter while applying for a job

11. Write an essay about a problem that directly involves you. Choose a problem you see in your neighborhood, your college, or your job, and explain how it should be solved.

Examination 2020

Group B

Attempt any SIX questions. [6x5 = 30]

2. What are the limitations of personal computers? Do you think students should be allowed to use computers in class?

3. What kinds of facilities do online service provide? What online services are available in your country?

4. How is digital transmission different from analog transmission?

5. What is DBMS? What is its function?

6. What is operating system? Why is it important to assess it on a computer before buying one?

7. Make a list of the applications of computers you think of which are related to machine and patient care.

8. What do you think of young people using a PC only to play games and surfing the internet?

Group C

Attempt any TWO questions:[2x10=20]

10. Write an advertisement for a real or imaginary notebook computer. Your material should include its name, type, size, price, capacity, and the features that make it superior to other models.

11. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:
Computers are machines that can help us in many ways. But, they cannot think or do things on their own. Humans have to feed them with information and tell them what to do with it. They cannot come up with any new information. But, they can save much time and work. For example: all the information and the office files can be stored in a computer's "memory". If a clerk were to trace any information from a particular file, the computer would only take seconds to find it. It would take a clerk days or even weeks to go through every file if no computers were used.

The first computers were huge and costly. They filled up almost the whole floor of large offices. Later, because of the usefulness and demand for computers in business, scientists soon found ways to produce cheaper and smaller computers. They invented chips which make it possible to store more information in less space.

Today, computers are not only cheaper, but also more compact. They can just be placed on top of an ordinary writing table.They can even be carried from place to place easily. Computers are not only used in offices by companies, but they are also used at home, by families who can afford them.

Robots, on the other hand, are not mechanical people. They are only moving parts controlled by a computer. A robot can do the same work for twenty-four hours, and yet, it does not complain or get tired. In the United States robots are computers that tell them where to guard and what to do. These robots are programmed to listen for certain noises and signals for help in case of trouble or danger.

In Japan and in some places in America, robots are used in factories to assemble cars. As computers become more common in business and factories, people fear that tone day computers and computer controlled robots will put human workers out of work.


  1. Why do human have to feed the computers with information and tell them what to do?
  2. Why did the first computers fill up almost the whole floor?
  3. Do you think 'artificial intelligence'can make computer independent? why?
  4. What if there were no computer in the world? Write in brief.
  5. Think of a suitable title for the passage and justify in brief.
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