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Triton International College

Location: Subidhanagar, Tinkune

Phone No: 123456790

Courses: BCA, BBA, BIM, BBS, BIT

Triton International College

Location: Subidhanagar, Tinkune

Phone No: 123456790

Courses: BCA, BBA, BIM, BBS, BIT

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English - II

Examination 2018

Group B

Attempt any SIX questions. [6 x 5 = 30]

11. How do you distinguish a science fiction from other kinds of fiction? Explain basing on the stories given in your textbook.

12. What are the basic components of arguments? Explain with appropriate examples.

13. Lists are used in letters, e-mails, fax message, and memos. What are the major objectives and advantages of using lists and bullets? Explain.

14. In the story, "But Who Can Replace A Man", the penner claims to have class three brain. Why do the tractors and the field minder

leave the penner behind rejecting his request for help? Why he becomes useless after crashing down to the ground? Explain.

15. What are the guidelines to be followed while designing leaflets? Explain basing on the text prescribed in your course.

16. What do you mean by brainstorming a topic? Explain with an appropriate example.

17. An argument states with a basic reason. Read the following sentence and draw an intermediate and then a main conclusion. If Cigarette advertising were banned, Cigarette manufacturers would save the money they would otherwise have spent on advertising.

18. A lot can be done to make meetings effective. What measures would you suggest to make meeting effective if you were a member of a meeting? Explain.


Attempt any two questions [2x10=20]

19. Of late, major cities, especially the capital city, of Nepal have become notorious become of frequent traffic congestion. In this context, write an argumentative essay about the benefits and disadvantages of our widespread use of the motor cars. Come to a conclusion as to whether the motor can be a good thing or bad thing in light of daily problem faced by the commuters in the capital city and elsewhere in Nepal.

20. You work for Aurora Holdings Plc, a large manufacturing company. In a recent board meeting, it was decided to review the company's staff benefits. At present they include only a company pension scheme and a subsidized canteen. The human resource director asks you to research the additional benefits which could be

Examination 2019

Group B

Attempt any Six question

2. How do you distinguish hard science fiction from Space Opera? Explain on the basis of texts you have read.

3. How does the writer present the picture of dystopia in the story 'Billenium'?

4. How do flaws appear in reasoning? Do they deceive the readers? How?

5. What skills of language use are discussed in 'two skills in the use of language’? Explain them in brief.

6. Using the method of rational decision making process that you have learned in this course,answer the question,’ Should female criminals who have children be exempted from imprisonment?

7. Define communication? What are some of the barriers of communication?

8. Think of a job that you really like. Then, write a job application for the post. :

Group C

Attempt any Two question

Write an essay on a tourist destination that you think is specially beautiful, historic or significant. In the essay, specifically mention the location, ways to reach there, and unique experience tourists are likely to experience upon the visit.

You work in the Public. Relation Department of Nepal Bank Ltd. Prepare a press release to announce the moving of your bank to new location.

Who do you think is superior- 'man' or 'machine’? Argue on the basis of Brian W. Aldiss' story "But Who Can Replace Man?".


How has William Gibson presented the dystopian elements of future crime, ambition, love, and loss in the story ‘Burning Chrome"? What does this story tell about human obsession with technology?

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